What is the business model at Energryn Corporation?
How is Energryn Corporation making money?
Are you going to make money through litigation?
Do you plan to make or sell products?
Who are your investors and how much money have you raised?
What is the difference between an invention and a patent?
What type of people work at Energryn Corporation? Is it just a bunch of lawyers?
Who are your inventors? Can I join?
How do you come up with your invention ideas?
How do ideas get turned into inventions?
Do you provide resources to inventors or help promote invention outside of Energryn Corporation?
What do you think of the proposed changes to patent law and the USPTO?
Will you look at my invention or hear my ideas for inventions and let me know if they are good ones?
How many patents does Energryn Corporation have?
Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.
Albert Einstein
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